Sickshooter Swing Arm Spools and Bullet Bolts for Sportbikes

sickshooter swing arm spools and bullet bolts for sportbikesCustom Sportsbike Part

Sickshooter Motorcycle Bullet Bolts also know as Chrome Fairing Bolts are a great way to dress up your motorcycle. The new spike look really adds style to your bike. Your windscreen and fairing will stand out in a way that you will not beleive. These new Fairing and Windscreen Bullet Bolts take less than five minutes to install and are a great feature for replacing your stock bolts. These Fairing bolts are a Replica’s of a .45 Caliber hollow tip bullet. CNC machined from T6 6061 billet aluminum and plated with our Super Chrome finish. Replaces stock bolts on the windscreen and fairing for almost all Japanese sport bike motorcycles. Sold in sets of 6 or 18. Sickshooter Motorcycle Swing Arm Spools. Fits most sportbikes. Swing Arm Spools come with bolts for easy installation. This is a must-have custom sporstbike part.

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