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Gun Foot Pegs
Fits All Motorcycles

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Price: $259


See Details
Price: $55.00/pair


Gun Barrel Frame Sliders

See Details
Reg. Price: $165.00/pair!


Gun Cylinider Frame Sliders

See Details
Reg. Price: $165.00/pair


Bullet Bolts (For windscreen and fairing)

See Details
Price: $40.00 / 6 pack


Gun Cylinder Preload Adjusters(Ornamental)

See Details
Price: $75.00/pair


Swing Arm Spools (Sport Bikes)

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Price: $65.00/pair


Shipping Charges

NOTE: If you were requested by Sickshooter to add an additional shipping charge to your order because you live outside of the U.S. please add the required shipping charge to your basket and checkout. Thank you!

International Shipping Charges


Miscellaneous Purchases

Axle Covers - Sportbike

See Details
Price: $110.00/pair


Axle Covers - Harley & Custom

See Details
Price: $75.00/pair


.50 Caliber Shifter Peg

See Details
Price: $35.00


Triple Tree Nut Cover

See Details
Price: $55.00

Valve Stem Caps

See Details
Price: $10.00/pair

.32 Gun Cylinder Valve Stem Caps

See Details
Price: $56.00/Set of 4

Oil Cap Cover

See Details
Small: $42.00
Large: $52.00




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